Customized Consultancy Services

Eurogator LLC is providing expert consulting and business advisory services to major companies in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and CIS States. 
Since 2012 we provide business liaision and representation services for both US and European companies in China, Vietnam and the Republic of Kazakhstan. For US and Asian companies, we liaise with business entities in Romania, Bulgaria, Rep.of Moldova and Hungary.
Professional business consulting are the core products of our expertize.
Adjacent to them, we are actively involved in the Lobby sector, both in the US and Europe.
We liaise with professional firms in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg for promoting innovative Projects of significant amounts.

We are well connected with Universities, R&D Centers, Research Institutes and independent groups of specialists and technology experts in Europe. Qualified people and specialists, with proven experience and knowledge are of great, valuable support to our business.

Above all, such human talents are part of an impressive talent pool that you may be willing to explore. Look no further if you plan to get your project or prototype done, there are Universities & Institutes, R&D centers in Europe that can manage this for you.

Whenever possible, we also assist our clients in financing deals or projects and execute their operations. Our expert team provides quick access to market updates and information, which is essential in assisting clients.